Make New Neighbors Your New Customers!

Wouldn't you just love to have the first opportunity to sell to a family that has just moved into town, before your competition knows that those potential customers even exist?

That is exactly what can do for you. When you receive your labels with the names and addresses of new residents, you can use them for high impact direct mail marketing. You can also receive the lists as an email file.

Surveys show that newly moved residents spend about 480% more than the average resident, in the first two months, to get settled in. Here is your chance to cash in on that remarkable statistic!

"Targeted Direct Mail" is used by some of the largest and most successful national companies to sell products, attract clients or solicit donations.


  • " The New Resident Service has helped me steadily increase my Business "

    - Kate Pillsbury,DVM

    Cody Pet Hospital

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